A Swiss Stage of Worlds 2023 it ended! This Sunday, all the teams that will be in the playoffs of the competition were announced, which will be played in Busan, South Korea, starting on October 2nd.

No duel between South Koreans, KT got the better of DKwhile the Weibo turned upwards Fnatic to also guarantee your place. In a drama series, the BLG closed the Swiss Stage of Worlds 2023 with victory over G2 and classification.

Dplus x KT

The first game was well below what the public expected. This is because DK led the match for a long time, but ended up taking the turn in a beautiful play by Bdd with his Azir, which opened up space for Kiin’s Ryze to also make a difference.

In the second game, it was a little different, with KT having the advantage, but surrendering at a certain point in the game. However, in the end, the favorites managed to close the series 2-0 and qualify.

Fnatic x Weibo

The second series of the day started surprisingly, as Fnatic overpowered the Chinese representative in the first match. In the second game, they were ahead, but saw Weibo regain the advantage and tie the series.

In the third and decisive match, Weibo appeared. The Chinese didn’t give the Europeans a chance and also secured themselves in the playoffs.

BLG x G2

The first game was a blowout from BLG, but what seemed like a dominant series, wasn’t quite like that. In the second game, G2 came back well, played a dramatic game and managed an extraordinary comeback to draw.

However, the third game was a washout. Even with Bardo’s unusual choice, G2 had no chance and saw BLG being very dominant to secure a place in the next phase of the tournament.

The Worlds 2023 playoff games

  • Gen.G x BLG
  • NRG x Weibo Gaming
  • JDG x KT Rolster
  • T1 x LNG

When is Worlds 2023 coming back?

Worlds 2023 returns on Thursday (2) in the decisive phase of the tournament. From now on, there is no middle ground, whoever wins advances, while whoever loses will be out of the competition.

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