The Worlds 2023 Play-in Phase is over! The two teams that advanced to the next stage of the tournament were Marines e Team BDSwho won their clashes this Sunday (15).

The Vietnamese beat their countrymen 3-1, while Team BDS achieved a reverse sweep against PSG Talon.

Marines x Team Whales

In the rerun of the Vietnam final, the Marines won again against Team Whales. They started with a victory, got a draw and almost turned it around, but managed to come back in the second game after a big opponent advantage.

In the fourth and final map, they dominated their countrymen and managed to win the series 3-1. One of the biggest highlights of the day was ADC Slayder, as well as Levi, the organization’s jungler.

PSG Talon x Team BDS

PSG massacred the European team. In the first two games of the series, the organization didn’t even give Europe’s 4th seed a chance and achieved two impressive victories.

Maple was one of the names of the series, especially in the game in which he selected Akali and destroyed the match. However, Sylas was unable to close the game 3-0 and saw BDS play a good game to continue breathing in the championship.

On the fourth map, dominance of the representative of Europe. Once again from Garen, Adam dictated the pace of victory and left everything the same in the series. Finally, the fifth game was a heart test, with back and forth, until finally BDS managed to secure the victory and avoid the reverse sweep.

When is Worlds 2023 coming back?

Worlds 2023 will only return next Thursday (19) from 2 am. At this moment, we still don’t know what the clashes will be in the first round of the Swiss Stage of the championship.

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