Worlds 2023 is coming and the Riot Games announced which content creators will have the rights to broadcast the tournament images in real time to their audience.

In the released note, seven Brazilian streamers were chosen to have this exclusivity, including Bahiawhich at MSI 2023 had the biggest costream in the world in the sport and achieved impressive numbers during the matches.

The seven Brazilian content creators who will co-stream Worlds 2023

  • Ericat
  • Bahia
  • Absolut
  • Jukes
  • Revolt
  • Sabrinoca
  • Yoda

O Worlds 2023 is scheduled to kick off in October 10th. However, the day before, Golden Guardians and Team BDS define who will be the last team in the Entry Phase of the competition.

Worlds 2023: LOUD is Brazil in the LoL world championship

LOUD starts in the Entry Phase and has GAM as its first opponent. The last time Brazil played against a team from Vietnam was seven years ago.

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published in September 29, 2023edited 5 days ago


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