LOUD lost to Gigabyte Marines 2-0 and is eliminated from the Worlds 2023. In a rematch of their debut in the championship, the Vietnamese won and advanced to the MD5 qualifier.

After the defeat, Ceos spoke to the CBLOL broadcast and talked about the match against the Vietnamese.

A Marines leu a LOUD?

I think, I wouldn’t say they read it that way, I didn’t feel like our draft was a problem. I think we were just a little flustered, they certainly changed a little from the first series, but I wouldn’t say they understood us and managed to counter us. I feel like today they just played better.

What was missing for LOUD in the first game?

I think we managed to have a pretty good early game, we were well ahead, but I think two decisions where we made mistakes were in the bot dive, when Kai’Sa flashed, we could just leave, but we gave over and Viktor He got two kills, if I’m not mistaken, and he was very strong. When we went to divar mid and me, Route and Croc died, I think it went downhill there

LOUD eliminated from Worlds 2023

The community reacted indignantly to the elimination of the Brazilian team this Saturday (14). Furthermore, an international analyst commented on LOUD’s performance during the series against GAM.

With the victory, the Vietnamese will repeat their league final against Team Whales, earning a place in the Swiss Stage of Worlds 2023.

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Luis Santana
published in October 14, 2023

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