Last Wednesday’s State of Play (31) was filled with strong emotions, especially for those who like a good horror game. Konami took its fans by surprise by revealing a new Silent Hillbut went further to announce that the full game was already available for free download on the PlayStation Store.

All very good. And so? Silent Hill: The Short Message will be released on Xbox and PC? After all, will the game be available forever only on PS5? After the limited availability of PT on PS4, the question took many players by surprise.

Well, unfortunately It has not yet been revealed whether the new Silent Hill will come to PC or Xbox. However, the Voxel contacted Konami’s support team to answer this question — and we will update the article as soon as we get a response.

New free Silent Hill can now be downloaded on PS5.

The question, naturally, arises in this situation. Just like the remake of Silent Hill 2, the content may be a temporary exclusive to the platform. Therefore, there is still a spark of hope for the game’s arrival on PC and Xbox.

On the official Silent Hill: The Short Message website, Konami describes the free game as an exclusive PS5 experience. The same also happens on the company’s social networks, which has not yet confirmed the availability of the title on other platforms.

Como baixar Silent Hill: The Short Message no PS5?

If you are part of the PlayStation group and want to play the game, the Voxel prepared a very quick guide to how to download Silent Hill: Short Message no PS5. Check it out below!

  1. Clique neste link da PlayStation Store;
  2. Log in to your PSN account;
  3. Click “Add to library”;
  4. Okay, now the game is saved in your library;
  5. Downloading is also simple:
    • Turn on the PS5;
    • Go to your library;
    • Search for the game;
    • Select the “Download” option.
    • Ready, enjoy!

What is the story of the new Silent Hill?

The story of the new Silent Hill takes fans of the saga to current times, where smartphones and social networks are the big sensation of the moment. In the trailer, Anita, the protagonist of The Short Messagesuffers cyberbullying and decides to take her own life — which, consequently, takes her to the dark alleys of a place similar to Silent Hill.

The franchise’s producer, Motoi Okamoto, told the PS Blog that the project emerged experimentally at Konami. Although it served as a filter of ideas for current horror games, from the beginning, apparently, it was already considered a free game.

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