Xbox is going through a period of uncertainty that has resulted in the closure of some of its main studios — leaving some fans skeptical about the future of other developers in the house. Well, if you care about Ninja Theory, owner of the franchise Hellbladeyou can be carefree.

The uncertainties began after a post by Don Matthews, head of Ninja Theory, on X (formerly Twitter). In the statement, which gives the impression of being a farewell, the executive thanked the fans who eagerly await the release of Hellblade 2 this Tuesday (21).

Dom Matthews, head of Ninja Theory, thanking fans looking forward to Hellblade 2 on X (formerly Twitter).Fonte:  Ninja Theory

“Making video games is hard. Just like Senua, we as a team were guided by a conviction to achieve our mission: to make a game that immerses you deeply into Senua’s world and takes you on a journey that leaves you thinking and feeling” , said Matthews in an excerpt from the publication.

“I believe we achieved our mission and I hope you agree. I’m very proud of the game, very proud of our team and very proud of you, our fans, who supported us on this magical journey,” he concluded.

Ninja Theory’s next project has already been approved by Microsoft

But rest assured that, despite the tone, there are no goodbyes here. In fact, according to a new report from Windows Central, Ninja Theory has already received the green light from Microsoft to work on its next big project — which has not yet had a name or theme revealed.

It’s worth remembering that the studio’s new game is not about Project: Maraa photorealistic horror game announced in January 2020.

“We can confirm from our reliable sources that, in addition to the Project: Mara, Ninja Theory’s next game has already been given the green light. There are no plans to close the studio anytime soon,” confirmed Jez Corden, journalist at Windows Central.

So no, Ninja Theory will not close its doors — as did Arkane Austin and Tango Gameworks earlier this month. Instead, new things are coming!

Anxious? Comment your expectations for Ninja Theory’s next big project!


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