After confirming the arrival of the Xbox Mobile Store in July, Sarah Bond, president of Xbox, also gave an encouraging update on the potential arrival of franchise games Call of Duty ao Game Pass.

In an interview with Bloombergwhere many topics were discussed, the executive reaffirmed the North American giant’s commitment to launching the house’s titles on the subscription service — including games from Activision, owner of the franchise Call of Duty.

“We know our top users love Game Pass, which is a gaming subscription where you get a full portfolio, but most importantly: you get every single game we created on day one on Game Pass. And their quality and breadth have only increased over time. You’ll see more really big titles coming to Game Pass later this year“, explained the executive in the interview.

Bond was then asked by the journalist whether these “great games” also include the Activision catalog — and she replied yes. “You’re going to see some really amazing things. And keeping this something really special for Xbox gamers is key for us.”

Call of Duty 2024 could potentially arrive on Xbox Game Pass in day one.Fonte:  Activision

Bond clearly states that all first party Xbox games will be released on Game Pass on day one. This is something that has already been reiterated a few times by the executives of the North American giant — but there are many uncertainties, as the company is well known for going back on its decisions.

The big test to see if Call of Duty will be released on Xbox Game Passin fact, it could be the Xbox Games Showcase, which takes place on June 9th. If Bond is true to his word, we could possibly see a Game Pass logo when the platforms for the sequel are revealed. Therefore, we will have to wait until June for potential confirmation!

Xbox Game Pass is increasingly democratizing access to games

Xbox Game Pass has four subscription options: PC, Core, console Game Pass and Ultimate (both). Microsoft’s service, according to an update in February from the brand’s president, has 34 million members. However, the executive did not specify the number of users at each level.

Additionally, Game Pass has received some big names in recent weeks. Some of them include Star Wars JEDI: Survivor, Manor Lords, Diablo IV, Dead Island 2 and many others.

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