Do you know what the URF no LoL? If you have recently started playing and haven’t had the opportunity to play the Ultra Fast and Furiousyou’re missing out on one of the coolest modes in League of Legends!

If you don’t know what this mode is and how it works, you’re in the right place, because the More Esports will explain everything about URF!

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What is URF?

URF (Ultra Fast and Furious) is a mode in which all champions receive up to 80% reduced cooldown on their abilities, in addition to not spending mana or energy to use them.

Players also receive increased Tenacity, Movement Speed, and Attack Speed. The healing is reduced to make the fight more “fair”.

URF cooldown reduction goes beyond skills

In addition to skills, activatable items also receive cooldown reduction, so you can use them frequently, as well as wards (learn what wards are here) and detector lens.

All summoner spells also have a reduced cooldown, so Flash, for example, can be used every minute.

Unique URF mechanics

This mode does not have the Teleport spell, because at the base there are some giant cannons that throw you anywhere on the map (up to a distance limit), so you can go to the base and quickly return to the route.

URF Cannon. (Photo: Disclosure/Riot Games)

Also, you get gold just from being near the minions, even without hitting them, so Farming isn’t a priority (although it helps you get stronger faster). As you can see, the focus of the mode is frantic fighting!

See an example of Lulu having to dodge 23 skills in less than 30 seconds:

Two types of URF

Now that you’ve learned what URF is in LoL, know that there are two versions of the mode, the “conventional” URF and the ARURF.

ARURF, which stands for “All Random URF”, brings random champions to players, similar to what happens in ARAM. When random champions are selected, you can swap him with a teammate, or use a die to rotate another random champion.

Selection of champions at ARURF. (Photo: Disclosure/Reddit)

Which is better, URF or ARURF?

For almost all LoL players, conventional URF is the best, after all you can choose the champion you want to play. This doesn’t mean that people don’t play ARURF, but it’s not people’s favorite.

Who are the best URF champions in LoL?

In URF, every champion can stand out, depending more on how you play. However, some characters tend to be stronger regardless of upgrade due to the nature of their abilities. See some suggestions:

  • Zed: With his ability to spam shadows and abilities, Zed can overwhelm opponents with rapid bursts of damage.
  • Fizz: Fizz’s incredible mobility and high damage potential make him a constant threat, and he’s difficult to land skills on.
  • Ezreal: Infinite Poke and a lot of mobility make Ezreal a very strong champion in URF.
  • Sona: Her continuous healing ability, buffs for allies, and high damage make her a very strong choice.
  • Maokai: Maokai seeds can be used to control entire areas of the map, in addition to the fact that he becomes almost immortal if he tanks.
  • Hecarim: The horse’s extreme mobility and high damage allow it to be very dominant.
  • Morgana: If you land a Q, you can keep your opponent trapped almost forever.
  • Malphite: Ult at all times and good resistance.

See more suggestions in our list of the best champions to play URF!

When is URF available in League?

Riot does not have a fixed calendar for the arrival of URF, so from time to time it announces the return of the mode to the game. The last time he entered the game was in 2024. Keep an eye on the More Esports to find out when URF returns in LoL.

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