Video games and fiction have gone hand in hand since entertainment existed, but sometimes it’s hard to distinguish between gameplay experiences that could actually work in real life — like hacking a system almost instantly using your cell phone, for example. Have you ever found yourself in a situation like this?

This doubt may have arisen for many back in 2014, when Ubisoft launched the controversial Watch Dogs. In the game, you control Aiden Pearce, who can hack any system that crosses his path using just a cell phone.

Watch Dogs generated many questions about what is possible and what is not hackable.Fonte:  Ubisoft

Of course, doing this almost instantly is practically impossible in real life. However, although it takes time, it is possible for a hacker to be able to do similar things in reality.

Are hacker games realistic? Expert responds

Other games like Fallout or even Cyberpunk 2077also raise these questions about the fine line between reality and fiction: Is it possible that a real-life hacker could actually do all of this so easily?

It was with these questions in mind that the Voxel decided to call on Renato Borbolla, a professional hacker with a respectable resume who helped us analyze what is fiction and what is fantasy in several games of the genre. Check it out:

There are differences between hackers and crackers

With over 11 years of experience in information security, Borbolla is an “ethical hacker”, meaning: his role is basically to simulate cyber attacks to identify weaknesses in companies’ systems and applications before other malicious hackers do so and compromise the company’s entire operation.

Cyberpunk 2077 is also another game where you can hack numerous systems.Cyberpunk 2077 is also another game where it is possible to hack countless systems.Source: CD Projekt RED

In the new video of Voxel, he also explains the main differences between hackers and crackers. While the hackers are technology professionals who study and specialize in operating systems, networks and other areas, crackers they have the same bias, but are more focused on carrying out attacks for their own benefit.

Borbolla has a great insight into how hackers act in games like Watch Dogs e Cyberpunk 2077 they work, so it’s worth checking out the video to know how to distinguish what is reality and what is fiction in these games!

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