We arrived in December, the month chosen by Rockstar Games to make the long-awaited reveal of Grand Theft Auto 6. Many rumors are already circulating with the most varied information about the game, and one of them is the possible return of Vice City!

While we still don’t have anything officially confirmed, speculation and leaks suggest that Vice City will be the big stage for the next game in the Grand Theft Auto franchise. Furthermore, Rockstar’s own teaser confirming the date of the trailer has a paradisiacal feel, with palm trees, birds and the city’s classic pink tone.

Official image of the next GTA 6 has elements reminiscent of Vice City.

If you’ve played, or at least seen some excerpts from old games, you’ll certainly remember hearing something about this city. In fact, Vice City was also mentioned again among players due to the fact that it appeared in some official Rockstar productsbeing another indication of his possible return.

If you’re eager to explore the city again, how about remembering all the splendor of one of the most famous places in the gaming world? Check out more details and interesting facts about Vice City below!

Getting to know Vice City

Let’s open this text with a brief history of Vice City. It is based in the city of Miami, Florida, and has a population of approximately 1.8 million people living in its districts.

In its structure, it has two main islands and six smaller ones. The area also has a bay similar to Biscayne Bay, a large body of water 56 kilometers long and 1,110 square kilometers — and it has no railways or means of rapid transport for its inhabitants!

The region has four hospitals, four police stations, a fire station and an air base. It is also worth mentioning that Vice City has a tropical climate, which explains the fact that we rarely have people wearing heavy clothes or sudden changes in temperature.

Games in which it appears

Disregarding the possibility of appearance in Grand Theft Auto 6Vice City has already appeared in two games: Grand Theft Auto Vice City e Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories. Despite sharing the same setting, there are some differences between the two versions of the city.

The main one is in the setting of the events. While the version of the city we see in Vice City Stories is a vision of 1984, the one we see in Vice City is two years ahead in time, in 1986. Another big difference seen in the two games is in gang control.

We have some differences in the number of gangs that appear in each game, and much of this happens due to the presence of the Vance Crime Family in Vice City. However, after the events of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Storiesthe group decides to temporarily move away from the city.

This gives room for other groups to emerge to control specific areas of the city, such as the Sharks in the Washington Beach and Ocean Beach regions. In addition to this, we also have the Cholos and Los Carbonos, just to name a few examples.

Neighborhoods and districts

As we mentioned a little above, Vice City has two main islands in its composition and six smaller ones. Below, we will list the neighborhoods and districts that you can find while walking through each of them:

Vice Beach

  • Leaf Links
  • Ocean Beach
  • Prawn Island
  • Vice Point
  • Washington Beach

Vice City Mainland

  • Downtown
  • Escobar International
  • Little Haiti
  • Little Havana
  • Deputy port

Smaller islands

  • Starfish Island
  • Prawn Island

Radio stations

A notable feature of the series Grand Theft Auto is your soundtrack, since Practically all games allow you to tune in to a radio to listen to your favorite songs.

Next, we will list which radio stations are present in each of the two games that use Vice City and the musical style or programming present on them:

Grand Theft Auto Vice City

  • Wildstyle — Hip Hop e Electro
  • Flash FM — Pop
  • K-Chat — Interviews
  • Fever 105 — Soul, Disco e R&B
  • V-Rock — Rock, Hard Rock e Metal
  • VCPR — Political Talk Show
  • Radio Espantoso — Latin and Salsa Music
  • Emotion 98.3 — Power Ballads
  • Wave 103 — New Wave, Synthpop
  • MP3 Player (PC) — Player Defined Soundtrack
  • Cassette Player (Xbox only) — Player Defined Soundtrack

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories

  • Fresh FM — Hip Hop e Electro
  • Flash FM — Pop
  • Paradise FM — Disco
  • V-Rock — Rock, Hard Rock e Metal
  • VCPR — Political Talk Show
  • Radio Espantoso — Latin and Salsa Music
  • Emotion 98.3 — Power Ballads
  • VCFL — Soul, R&B e Funk
  • Wave 103 — New Wave e Synthpop

Vice City Curiosities

Finally, we will leave here some interesting facts about the city of Vice City. Some of them are so fun or unusual that it’s worth keeping an eye out to see if they’ll also be present in Grand Theft Auto 6.

Neighbor not at peace

Many people may not know, but Vice City is a neighbor of another city featured in a Rockstar Games game: Cottonmouth, which appeared in Manhunt 2. Alias, no visible area Manhunt original, Carcer City, is also close to Liberty City, Grand Theft Auto 3.

Reference in the series

Some may have already figured it out, but it’s always worth remembering. Vice City pays homage to the series Miami Vicewhich was quite successful in the 1980s. In fact, it is worth mentioning here that until the period used in GTA Vice City e GTA: Vice City Stories It’s the same as the TV show.

Change of plans

Vice City is a really cool city to explore, but Rockstar Games almost followed through with a different project. Initially, The proposal was for the game’s events to take place in Miami, in 1986.

Moon phases

A curiosity that draws a lot of attention in Vice City: its moon does not follow a logic that is very widespread in the scientific world.

If you have a sniper rifle, you can try shooting it and see how the Earth’s star changes size. This happens three timesand after the fourth hit the moon returns to its normal size.

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