A NRG is the first team to qualify for the playoffs VCT KICKOFF Americas. The North American team won the Cloud9 on Friday night (23), 2-0.

(Photo: Disclosure/Riot Games)

NRG x Cloud9

In a game between teams from the United States, NRG demonstrated its firepower and started to take the lead.


On the map of choice Cloud9, the squad started with the pistol victory, however NRG managed to fit in and opened 4-1. In the first half, Cloud9 did not enter the game and the team led by Ethan closed the first half, for 8-4.

When changing sides, Cloud9 only managed to score two points, but NRG overcame all their opponents’ attempts and took the map, for 13-7.


The series went to Ascent, with NRG taking the lead. The first half of the map had a greater balance and the first half ended with an advantage for C9, for 7-5.

In the second half, the NRG came back and tied, for 7-7. Nonetheless, OXY I wanted to demonstrate that I would like to take it to the decisive map and took it to overtime, but it wasn’t enough and NRG closed, for 14-12.


With the victory, NRG qualified for the playoffs and is now waiting for the other teams to decide which teams will be in the playoffs. Masters Madrid.

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Raquel Ferreira
published in February 23, 2024

Source: https://maisesports.com.br/vct-kickoff-americas-nrg-e-a-primeira-equipe-a-se-classificar-para-os-playoffs

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