A DRG won the last spot for the VCT China 2024 in the early hours of this Saturday (30). The team won the Rare Atom in the grand final of VCT Ascension China, the championship that gave the last place for the region, in the Franchise League of VALUING

The DRG and Rare Atom game

The series was an MD5, however, the game did not go to the last map. It all started in Split, where DRG started with a 13-7 victory. The second map, Ascent, was DRG’s choice, but Rare Atom took it to overtime, but DRG managed to gain an advantage and took it 14-12 and ended up with a map for the title.

Without wanting to give DRG a victory on a plate, Rare Atom played a perfect Lotus, 13-0 and managed to leave the series at 2-1. However, in the last map, DRG opened 6-0 and Rare Atom managed to draw, but it was not enough to stop the Chinese team.

VCT China 2024

The VCT China League appears as the fourth International VALORANT League, established just one year after official approval of the game in China to position it alongside the Pacific, Americas and EMEA leagues.

With the victory against Rare Atom, DRG, joins the 10 teams that will be present at VCT China in 2024. In addition, the team will also receive the team capsules that were recently announced.

(Photo: Disclosure/Riot Games)
Raquel Ferreira
published in December 30, 2023

Source: https://maisesports.com.br/vct-ascension-china-drg-bate-rare-atom-e-esta-na-liga-das-franquias-2024

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