quotation marks was one of the hires of Leviathan for the VCT Americas 2024. In an interview with More Esports after the victory against NRG, kiNgg talked about the change in the cast with Gekko in the hands of tex and the evolution of quotes in the team.

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kiNgg talks about quote evolution in VALORANT

Having the quote is like a feeling of tranquility always! I’ve said it several times,
For me, quotes, not because he’s on my team, but he’s the best player in the world. Then
When making a call, having a trade and opening angles together, there is always this feeling of calm. I don’t know if he realizes it, but he has a very strong presence in the team, like an “aura”. With this he can be considered a leader in the game because every time he makes a call, it is always the right call!

(Photo: Disclosure/Riot Games)

Why did Leviatán change the composition of Sunset?

Well, after the match against Cloud9 we talked as a team and everyone talked about their feelings with the composition. The quote said that Phoenix didn’t really suit him
and preferred to play Raze. We talked about putting Gekko in and C0M wasn’t comfortable playing with the agent, but Tex was.

So, we had the idea of ​​putting C0M on sentry duty because he is already known around the world for being a very good lurker and he knows how to take advantage of the role. tex fit Gekko like a glove, but it was all for the team’s comfort.

VCT Americas 2024

Leviatán returns to the server this Wednesday (24) against G2 for the super week of VCT Americas 2024. It is worth mentioning that the three best teams from each team go through to the playoffs in the search for places in the Masters Shanghai.

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