After winning the title in Masters Madrida Sentinels started participating in the VCT Americas with a victory against 100Thieves. However, despite the positive result, Zellsisan American player, was unhappy with the organization of the tournament.

Zellsis criticizes VCT Americas 2024 judges

During a live broadcast, Zellsis watched the match against 100 Thieves and criticized the VCT Americas judges. According to the player, Sentinels was having audio problems. Furthermore, he reported that the players asked for a break to resolve the issue, but there was no resolution.

They kept saying we needed to go on stage, but we had to fix the audio. They said, ‘You can fix it when you’re in the game.’ When we were in the game, they started the game.

(Photo: Disclosure/Riot Games)

We kept saying that we needed to fix the audio, and they responded by telling us to play that way and that they would fix it later. During the defensive rounds, there were one or two people asking to increase the audio of their voices or the game. There was no tactical pause. I don’t care if I get in trouble for saying that. Let them take a tactical break, let me know. What they did was absurd.

VCT Americas 2024

Despite the problems, Sentinels emerged victorious with a score of 2-0, guaranteeing second place in Group Alpha. The North American organization will return to the server on Saturday (13), facing the Leviathan.

Raquel FerreiraRaquel Ferreira
published in April 10, 2024


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