The competitive landscape of VALUING is about to witness a clash between two of the most renowned duelists in the game. Demon 1yes NRG e quotation marksyes Leviathanare ready to fight a battle that promises to set fire to the VCT Americas 2024.

Leviatan x NRG

The clash is scheduled for next Sunday, the 21st, and fans are already eagerly awaiting this spectacle of skill and strategy.

The rivalry between NRG e Leviathan adds an extra layer of emotion to this duel, which represents much more than a simple dispute between teams. It is also a moment of reunion for Demon 1who will face his former teammate C0Mof the Leviathan.

Demon1 talks about dispute against quotation marks

In a Riot Games post, Demon1 expressed his anxiety about facing the Brazilian star. He highlighted his skill level, recognizing him as one of the best in the world, and stated that it is always a challenge to face him on the field.

I’m looking forward to facing the quotes, obviously. He’s one of the best players in the world and it’s always a good match against him. Just the quotes. I’ll take care of him, don’t worry.

This duel between Demon1 and Quotes is not only a clash between two exceptional players, but also a test of strategy and leadership for their respective teams.

VCT Americas 2024

quotes returns to the server next to Leviatán next Sunday (21), at 9 pm, Brasília time, against NRG for the third week of the competition.

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Raquel Ferreira
published in April 18, 2024


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