A FURY will overhaul its roster for the 2024 season on VALUING. After a challenging year in 2023, the Brazilian team is preparing to hire new players. According to the leaker Noyn, the organization targets two promises of the scenario, Liazzi e Sato. O More Esports confirmed the Panthers’ interest.

(Photo: Disclosure / Riot Games)

FURIA’s new promises

The most impactful changes are related to adding new talent to the team. FURIA showed interest in hiring Sato and Liazzi, with the intention of molding them into the organization’s philosophy.

The information points to two players for these positions. Liazzi, currently at I live Keyd Starsand Sato, who is part of the Elite Cup Series 2 champion team, the mixx.

However, sato is only 16 years old, and Riot Games’ 2023 rules prevent him from joining the Franchise League. You must be of legal age when the championships start.

This rule, however, does not apply to players under the age of 18 who played in the Challengers em 2022. Therefore, for the player to be authorized to participate in the VCT, the legal guardians need to accept the rules and policies of the league. It is worth remembering that the developer did not publish the rules for 2024.

Plano B from FURIA

It is worth noting that FURIA initially had a plan to hire players already known in the scene, murizzzwhich is currently in the reserve bank of the MIBRe beznyes Fake Natty, old 00Nation. However, these negotiations did not come to fruition, as players chose to go the other way during the conversations.

Changes in the roster

Recently FURIA announced the departure of mazin, qck, dgzin and the coach Carlao. Furthermore, con4npossibly, will assume the important position of IGL. in a row e Khalil will remain on the team.


FURIA is one of the teams that make up the VALORANT Franchise League. In 2023, the squad did not perform at its best and did not qualify for the Champions League. In addition, the cast participated in the VCT Americas and finished in last place. Finally, in LCQthe team was eliminated by KRÜ, which won the spot for the world cup.

Source: https://maisesports.com.br/vct-americas-2024-furia-tem-interesse-na-contratacao-de-liazzi-e-sato

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