After several questions about the permanence of the Evil Geniuses in the Franchise League VALUING, the organization announced its squad for the VCT Americas 2024. Furthermore, according to the journalist anonymousEG was close to selling its place to FlyQuest.

Evil Geniuses with the VALORANT Champions 2023 trophy (Image: Disclosure/Riot)

According to information from the portal, EG reached an agreement with FlyQuest to sell the vacancy, however, Riot Games forced the organization to continue with the vacancy and form a team for 2024. Furthermore, it caused the organization to maintain active operations.

The journalist also emphasized that with negotiations with EG for a place in the franchises, FlyQuest began preparations with facilities and offices for the line-up it would sign.

Evil Geniuses has left the LCS

Previously, Riot Games publicly announced that two teams have left the LCS, the North American League of LoL, namely Evil Geniuses it’s at Golden Guardians. Furthermore, the Sports Business Journal portal reported that Peak6, owner of Evil Geniuses, tried to sell the organization, whether partially or fully.

FlyQuest was interested in a vacancy at The Guard

It is worth noting that with the non-participation of The Guard at VCT Americas, there was speculation that in addition to the G2 EsportsFlyQuest was also interested in hiring the cast to be in the franchises.

Raquel Ferreira
published in February 6, 2024edited 4 days ago


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