A RED Canids experienced several impasses between the last player to complete the squad for the VALORANT Challengers Brasil (VCB) 2024. O More Esports found that Matilha chose to sign the contract of v1nny for the season and the announcement should be out soon.

(Photo: Disclosure/Riot Games)

After many back and forths, RED Canids went through some situations to choose the last player to complete the squad. Second Mais Esports investigations, the first option was axeddythe organization already had everything planned, however, internal problems and difficulties in finding solutions caused the player to leave the squad.

After that, the Pack sought cidZzZbut the player chose not to remain on the team due to dissatisfaction and not being able to adapt to the flex function.

V1nny rating 1
(Photo: Disclosure/Riot Games)

Finally, according to our report before RED Canids looked for axeddy, v1nny tried out in the organization. It is worth mentioning that the player was alongside the squad Xenom com M in the qualifiers, but was eliminated by Team Liquid by 2 to 0.

Furthermore, with the possible entry of cidZzZ into RED Canids, the player was at the side of Maestro’s Orchestra in the closed qualifier.

v1nny is not new to the scene, the player has played for teams known as B4, Stars Horizon, Gamelanders Blue e TropiCaos. He arrives to perform the flex function.

As a result, RED Canids will have the following lineup for VCB 2024:

  • CTC
  • courtesy
  • Short
  • Zanatsu
  • V1nny
  • napz (coach)

RED Canids’ statement on the investigation

Mais Esports contacted RED Canids about the possible entry of v1nny and the organization informed that “does not comment on market speculation”.

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