After several uncertainties whether the TBK The day after tomorrow would or would not continue VALORANT Challengers Brasil (VCB) 2024o More Esports found that the organization decided to continue in the regional championship. Furthermore, the information indicates that prozin, rnd e prince will be the new players for the 2024 season.

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Continue or leave VCB 2024?

According to Mais Esports’ findings, the organization’s initial idea was to sell the vacancy, but TBK chose to continue in the sport and has already hired its line-up for 2024.

TBK chose to rndex-RED Canids, princeex-00Nation e proz which was without any organization. Furthermore, money will return to the organization where he was for the 2022 season.

The only player who was in 2023 and will continue for VCB 2024 is brinks who was open to new proposals, but decided to continue with the new team. Finally, in the technical committee, Slayer will command the cast.

It is also worth highlighting that information from our report indicates that the organization investigated scissors e xenombut decided to opt for rnd.

TBK brinks
(Photo: TBK)

Part of the cast of the possible TBK Lusa squad played MEG

During the period of OFF//SEASON some of the players who will be in the squad participated in the MEGbut fell to Arca do Marlow in the lower bracket of the competition.

TBKL Positioning

Mais Esports contacted the organization, which decided not to comment on the matter at the moment.

TBK Lusa lineup for 2024

If the information is confirmed, TBK will have the following squad for the VCB:

  • money
  • brinks
  • prince
  • rnd
  • proz
  • Sllayer (coach)

Challengers Brazil 2024 format

Stage 1 should start on February 14th, in addition, as confirmed by Mais Esports, the games in the first stage of the competition will take place online.

Raquel Ferreira
published in January 8, 2024


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