Os playoffs do VALORANT Challengers Brazil 2024 Stage 1 (VCB) started this Friday (12) and the teams Galorys e Hero Base They started off on the right foot! Both won their clashes and advanced to the second round of the upper bracket.

First games of the VCB playoffs

Hero Base didn’t see many difficulties in opening the playoffs with victory and closed the series in 2-0with scores of 13-8 already Lotus e 13-6 at Sunset.

Galorys also secured a 2-0 victory over Stellae, with scores of 13-7 already Lotus e 13-9 already Icebox.

Second round playoff clashes

This Saturday we will have clashes between 2Game and Hero Base, and then RED Canids vs Galorys. The winners advance to the final of the Upper Bracket, which is already worth a place in the tournament’s decision.

Although they lost, the Stellae Gaming and Legacy teams will still have a second chance in the lower bracket of the tournament, and will play again on Sunday (14) against the teams that lose the matches mentioned above.

Follow all the VCB 2024 games on the VALORANT GamersClub channel.

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