A ZETA Division announced this Wednesday (1) the signing of the Brazilian, Carlao, to be the new coach of the team competing for the VCT Pacific. Os rumors that the former coach of FURY would join the organization was confirmed after the announcement.

The announcement was made through the organization’s social media, along with the two players who arrive to defend ZETA next season. Furthermore, as previously reported, the Japanese team will have several people on the coaching staff.

New ZETA cast

In addition to the Brazilian coach, ZETA also announced two new additions to the squad, hiroronn e fee. The first was in FENNEL since December 2022 while the second, was in ZETA Academy and moved up to the starting team.

With the announcement of the contract, ZETA will have the following lineup to compete in VCT Pacifico 2024:

  • hiroronn
  • fee
  • Laz
  • Dep
  • SugarZ3ro
  • Carlao (Head Coach)
  • Crow (Coach)
  • JUNIOrR (Assistant Coach)

Carlao thanks Brazilian fans for their love

After publication, Carlao thanked the community and also expressed happiness at being part of the cast.

Previously, one of the coaches of the Japanese organization confirmed in an interview the information that Carlao would be part of the teamhowever, the publication was taken down.

Carlao leaves FURIA

Carlao’s move to the Pacific region marks the end of his time at FURIA, where he contributed to the organization’s performance in the Brazilian VALORANT scene.

In 2023, FURIA did not achieve the performance it aimed for in the Riot Games franchised league. The team came in sixth place after being eliminated by LOUD, also Brazilian, in the competition’s playoffs.

(Photo: Disclosure/ZETA Division)

Source: https://maisesports.com.br/valorant-zeta-division-anuncia-contratacao-de-coach-brasileiro

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