Riot Games announced this Wednesday (27) the start of registration for the qualifiers of the VALORANT Challengers Brasil 2024 (VCB). With eight teams already guaranteed in the tournament, two new ones will have the chance to win their place in the VCB.

Registration for the qualifiers, which is now outsourced by Gamers Club, will start next Tuesday (2). As the developer announced in October, the classification will be carried out in two stages, each with up to 256 participating teams. The four teams that advance will enter the final qualifier with a double-elimination format.

The two teams that stand out will be present at VCB 2024. In addition to the teams that qualify, Challengers already has the presence of eight teams.

  • Legacy
  • RED Canids
  • Galorys
  • TBK The day after tomorrow
  • Stellae
  • Only Aim
  • Freed
  • Unity

VALORANT organizations present at VCB

Currently, only three of the eight organizations participating in VCB 2023 remain in the scenario: Legacy, RED Canids e TBK Lusa. Furthermore, Libertados and Stellae Gaming, managed to transfer the right to use the vacancy by Liberty e ODDIK, respectively.

On the other hand, players Only Aim e Unity received vacancies from I live Keyd Stars e The Unionboth organizations announced their departure from the sport, the latter also left the esports scene.

When do the VCB 2024 open qualifiers start?

  • Open Qualifier 1: January 14th to 16th
  • Open Qualifier 2: January 19th to 21st
  • Closed Qualifier: January 24th to 27th

Calendar will have three stages in 2024

Finally, the GC VALORANT Challengers Brasil 2024 will feature two league format editions and a cup edition, for 2025. The tournament will take place between February and November, with a longer calendar. This addresses some of the criticisms regarding the lack of official championships throughout the year, as happened in 2023.

VCT Brazil 2022 Stage (Disclosure/Riot Games)
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