This Tuesday, Riot Games released the Update 7.07 do VALUING This update brings a number of changes, including bug fixes, competitive updates, performance improvements, and adjustments to agents and maps.

Competitive update

Riot announced that it has removed the recent rank restriction for groups of five, which was implemented in Update 7.06. According to the developer, the restriction was created to prevent smurfs and players from rising irregularly to higher ranks.

Non-Cypher Settings

One of the most notable changes in this update involves the Cypher agent. Now, the ultimatum, Neural Assault (X), will be completed even if the agent dies in the round. This represents a fundamental change in gameplay dynamics for players who choose Cypher.

Another important change related to Cypher is that players who choose him will no longer be blinded if they are spectating his Surveillance Camera (E) view when the round ends.

Map Update

Update 7.07 also brought visual improvements to Haven. The visual effects have been improved when the double door panels are destroyed, making the view clearer during the action.

Performance Improvements

Regarding game performance, Riot Games has enabled multi-sequential rendering for discrete Intel GPUs and reduced the required CPU core count. These optimizations aim to provide a smoother, more accessible experience for a variety of systems.

Bug Fixes

In the bug fixes section, the development team addressed some important issues. One notable correction was regarding the game’s audio, with Riot Games emphasizing that VALORANT only supports stereo and mono sound at this time. They warned against using three-dimensional sound settings in conjunction with other three-dimensional sound virtualization programs in order to avoid duplicate processing.

published in October 3, 2023edited 3 days ago


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