After 10 years as a Riot caster, Tixinha announced this Saturday (16) his departure from the developer. Through social media, the caster informed that it was his own decision and that he will follow other paths. Furthermore, live, he revealed a meeting between the casters and the general director of VALUING, Leo Faria.

During a conversation between now and Tixinha, the commentator revealed that the group of casters who work at Riot Games had a meeting with Leo Faria to give feedback on the VALORANT competitive scene.

Tixinha talks about the decision to leave Riot and talks to Leo Faria

Tixinha said that the conversation took place after the final of Game Changers Championship and Leo asked the company’s employees to talk about how they saw the year as they were closer to the community.

My Riot decision was difficult even for me. We had a meeting with Leo Faria at the Game Changers final with the casters and he asked for feedback and wanted to know what new features and ideas we could talk about to be able to help and what we were thinking, as we work directly with the community.

Of the casters, we were the most vocal, me, xrm, spacca and Nyang. I told him that for me, it’s not like there’s no problem with the format, Riot pampered Tier 1, gave a place for the Masters, gave a place for the Champions, the money from the skins, gives incentives, monthly payments, they will live in Los Angeles. The other teams didn’t choose this, Riot did. Why didn’t they give something to the Challengers? A direct place in the Champions or Masters? This was my feedback, and for me the problem is not in the format, it could be the same, but reward more and Ascension is not a reward.

Raquel Ferreira
published in December 17, 2023


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