This Thursday (1), Tixinha announced its newest project, Olympusalongside streamers VALUING. The caster left Riot Games in December to focus on personal projects, after 10 years as a caster for the developer.

Check out the announcement of the project designed by Tixinha

The ad featured some personalities who are long-time friends of the caster, among them, Schaeppi, Spacca, Xrm e Gabe. Furthermore, on social media Tixinha thanked him for the project and stated that it will be aimed at VALORANT.

Olimpo will feature the participation of other personalities from the scene

The project will also feature the presence of other well-known VALORANT streamers, including: Otsuka, Belky, Korean and former player nat1. Olimpo aims to cover the competitive scene, create debates, championships and projects aimed at the VALORANT community in Brazil.

The first panel will take place this Friday (2), at 8pm, Brasília time, on tixinha’s Twitch channel, with the name After Spike.

(Photo: Disclosure/Tixinha)
Raquel Ferreira
published in February 1, 2024


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