This Tuesday (23) another episode of PlatChat, a podcast by VALUING, where Riot casters and guests debate a topic. This week, FNSformer player of NRG He was alongside the commentators and gave his opinion on the casts.

FNS talks about quotes and his individual strength as a player

A big difference and I say this giving credit to the other members of LOUD, Saadhak, Tuyz and everyone there. The point is that the quote is the quote and I would bet everything on it. He is irreplaceable! So, obviously when looking objectively we cannot say that the team will be as good as it was last year.

NRG formed a team that surpasses LOUD

When I look at teams like the one NRG formed or teams like Leviatán, how am I supposed to put LOUD ahead of them?

I can’t! So that’s why I put them below. We haven’t seen and I don’t have training results from them, I don’t know how they’re playing, I don’t know their compositions or anything like that, but I don’t think they’re going to be as good without the quotes.

What does FNS like about LOUD?

Something I really like about LOUD is that they innovate a lot and that is what sets them apart. No one in NA did what they did at that level like Viper and Harbor that we took directly from them and they were the only team to do that.

Before that, they were playing Gekko in Split and no one had even thought about it. They are not afraid to change their compositions, which makes them very unpredictable and difficult to counter tactic. So, for teams like NRG and coaches like Chet who do a lot of anti tactics, it will be difficult to deal with.

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