A FURY suffered defeat against Leviathan in the grand final of the Superdome Colombia, the OFF//SEASON last Sunday (12). However, the players spoke on social media about the team’s evolution.

Check out the players’ reactions after the defeat


Recently, FURIA announced its new VALORANT squad for the next season. The Panthers brought some changes with the signing of Liazzi, havoc e Koy for 2024.

Furthermore, before the Superdome, the squad was champion of the OFF//SEASON da ME, where they beat XIT. Finally, the FURIA has a new meeting scheduled for December in another edition of the Superdomethis time, in Egypt.

(Photo: Disclosure/FURIA)

Source: https://maisesports.com.br/valorant-o-futuro-promete-diz-kon4n-apos-vice-em-torneio-off-season

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