Clove is nine agent VALUING was launched last Wednesday (26). With this, the More Esports talked to Rockcaster and analyst at Riot Games on how Clove can fit into the game’s meta and competitive environment.

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Will Clove appear in VALORANT competitive?

Riot Games had some difficulties in bringing the latest agents to the competition scene. Therefore, Spacca analyzes how the developer can include characters so that teams can use them more frequently.

When Riot creates an agent, I believe it thinks that teams will want to break the meta and this can be very difficult, for example, Iso today does not enter the meta because the vast majority of teams prefer duelists with fast movement and gain of space.

It is necessary for players to play with these agents and this takes time. Sometimes teams have ready-made recipes and they go with what already works for them. Some teams do this and end up attracting a lot of attention, like Karmine Corp, in Split and this will depend on the teams.

Advantages and disadvantages of Clove in a composition

Advantage of having a second, safer execution time by having the same skills as the kill controller. Having that fine line between being more aggressive and in Clove’s case is even better because there will still be delu’s abilities even when she dies.

The best Clove player will be the one who can best master stokes after death. Mainly from the game vision to help the team, if it’s going to add spike, how will the communication with the squad and mainly mess with the opponents’ heads.

On the other hand, Delu’s skills are good, but I don’t think they come close to Omen’s skills. Even though the delu skill kit is strong for executions, I don’t think it’s still stronger than other controllers.

When is Clove coming to VALORANT?

Clove has been available on VALORANT servers since its official launch last Wednesday.

(Photo: Disclosure/Riot Games)
Raquel FerreiraRaquel Ferreira
published in March 27, 2024


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