After Brazil went through a crisis in the Brazilian Challengers (VCB) which resulted in the departure of several organizations do Tier 2 de VALUING, the North American scenario of Challengers NA faces the same. This Thursday (21), journalist Pedro Romero stated which teams will continue to 2024.

According to the publication, only four organizations will continue in Challengers NA, namely: M80, MxS, Turtle Troop e Oxygen Esports. Furthermore, organizations such as The Guardchampion of VCT Ascensionwithdrew from VALORANT after not being accepted for franchises and therefore, the G2 hired part of the cast and was promoted to the VCT Americas.

Other organizations that left Tier 2 were TSM, FaZe e OREsports. Finally, the Moist Moguls it’s at Shopify carried out a merger, while the MAD it’s at DSG were demoted.

(Photo: Bruno Alvares/Riot Games)

North American players’ dissatisfaction with Tier 2

Now, with the promising rosters that previously animated the Tier 2 scene and with organizations leaving the scene, according tofrom Oxygen believes that it is inevitable to keep the Challengers after the announcement of the partner leagues.

Blaming Riot’s partnership program for the Tier 2 situation, the player indicated that it was a matter of time.

I don’t like to say it was written in the stars, but it really was, as soon as the franchises were announced an artificial line was drawn. I hope everyone affected can get back on their feet.

Franchise League players regret Challengers’ situation

Although VCT Americas players are not affected by the Tier 2 situation. Ethan e C0M, both of EG, They expressed sadness with the way the VALORANT scene is going in the United States.

All these organizations abandoning T2/GC feels like Counter-Strike all over again. I hope this changes soon, many people try too hard for it to fail.

C0M says he wouldn’t like to see people giving up on their dreams

Honestly, it sucks to see people lose their jobs in eSports because I was literally in the same place a year, year and a half ago where I felt extremely defeated and I wasn’t sure if all the hard work I did was for nothing.

I wish there was a way to help, but right now it feels like it’s winter in eSports, we’ll probably soon see a lot of people giving up on their passion. It makes me feel shit knowing what people are going through. I pray that everyone rises, I truly wish the best for everyone.

Leo Faria says that Tier 2 players should seek to be in Franchises

During the Champions 2023o More Esports conducted an exclusive interview with the general director of VALORANT, Leo Faria, where he stated that Tier 2 sought development and not stability.

However, during MD3, an esports podcast, the director clarified that Riot does not want players to settle in Tier 2, but seek to be in the International Leagues.

Image of the Nismo with the M80 team at the VCT Ascension
(Image: Disclosure/M80)


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