Saadhak participated in MD3 at Flow Games last Wednesday (22). The IGL of LOUD spoke about the team and the Brazilian football scene VALUING. Furthermore, he also revealed which was the most difficult IGL to face in 2023.

Saadhak says which was the hardest IGL to play against

I think the hardest part has been the FNS so far. It has mind games, but there are many different factors because you have the official IGL and others that complement it a lot and FNS and Boaster did this very well.

The Argentine and the North American faced each other several times in 2022. This is because FNS was part of the OpTic Gaming which was the organization with the greatest rivalry in the LOUD. The teams faced each other six times and LOUD won three of all these clashes.

For example, it’s more the team passing calls and the IGL makes the final decision. He’s not a guy who structures, who does everything. Today the FNS plays a little more of this role, which is very difficult. Boaster also does this very well, but FNS had some concepts that were very difficult to deal with.

published in November 24, 2023


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