Riot Games released this Monday (8) the complete cinematic in celebration of the arrival of Episode 8 of VALUING which marks the announcement of several new features for Riot’s FPS.

Check out the full trailer for Episode 8, Retaliation

In total, the animation lasts more than six minutes and some agents appear, such as Omen, Sleep, Cypher e Iso. Furthermore, the cinematic appears to tell about the past of Omen, one of the characters who does not have a well-defined descent different from the others.

In the video you can also find the Outlaw, a new weapon launched in VALORANT with the arrival of Episode 8 and which will move the game forward in several competitive aspects.

History of the Retaliation cinematic

The video begins with Cypher using his skills to inspect a location in Morocco, the sentry’s home country. Soon after, Iso appears to ask where they can find the “boss”.

In a second moment, Sova appears in Indonesia and says he found “them” and Cypher soon responds and says that they fled to the penthouse. Right when Omen appears he shoots himself with the new Outlaw weapon in hand and says he is looking for Answers.

It is worth mentioning that the agent does not have a well-defined origin and is concerned about his past and therefore goes to a place to find “answers” ​​about his origin.

Omen begins to relive memories from his past where Viper appears and the boss begins to say that before the agent was one of the most trustworthy people, however, he became “one of them”.

Raquel Ferreira
published in January 8, 2024


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