O VALUING lived great times in 2023! Many things that were marked in history and will never be forgotten for those who followed the game throughout the year. Thus, the More Esports separated the best moments of VALORANT in 2023.

LOUD’s unforgettable 11 to 3 at VCT LOCK//IN

Two things that haunt Brazilians to this day are clearly the last four minutes of Brazil’s 2022 World Cup against Croatia and the 11 a 3 da LOUD na grande final do VCT LOCK//IN contra a FNATIC.

In the fight for the title of the first championship of 2023, LOUD faced difficulties by losing the first two matches, but recovered by winning the two maps in a row. This led to the final map in Iceboxwhere LOUD had an initial 11-3 lead, but FNATIC made an incredible comeback, turning around and securing the title in overtime 14-12.

Ace Clutch do Saadhak contra a NRG na final do VCT Americas

Saadhak played an extraordinary moment in the third map of the VCT Americas final series against NRG. Despite being practically alone against five opponents, the Argentine secured an unlikely point for the Brazilian team LOUD, who, shortly afterwards, won the unprecedented title.

TxoziN guarantees victory for MIBR in a surprising way

O MIBR surpassed the 100 Thieves no VCT Americas 2023. Finally, one of the things that caught the fans’ attention the most was the last round of Lotus, where TzoziN managed a great kill with his knife to secure the victory.

Tuyz pina no Jawgemo de costas na Split no Masters Tokyo

Finally, another moment for Brazilians in international championships was when LOUD played against Evil Geniuses no Masters Tokyo e Tuyz couldn’t kill Atmosphere already Split.

Potter, first woman to become VALORANT world champion

When a EG became the great champion of Champions 2023, many people praised Potter, the team’s coach. Furthermore, at the press conference the More Esports created space for the coach to leave a message for all women and athletes in the inclusive scenario.

My message to all women is, take a risk! In my career, there have been several moments where I was afraid and you need to take risks, especially when you are young and want to reach the top.

(Photo: Disclosure/Riot Games)

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