Riot Games launched the Update 8.01 for the new season of VALUING, which includes nerfs to Skyeand players criticized the changes made by the developer to the launcher.

Update 1.11, which will implement Skye, will return next Monday (Image: Riot Games/Reproduction)

The VALORANT Update 8.01 notes arrived in the game this Tuesday (23) with a series of changes to the game at the start of another season of content.

Riot Games made radical changes to VALORANT and its agents in this patch, such as buffing ISO, changing Breeze and nerfing Skye.

After reading the changes, players stated on social media that the nefs might be too much.

As of VALORANT patch 8.01, the Pathfinder Light (E) Skye will no longer regenerate charges in the middle of a round and will automatically activate her flash at the end of its duration. Additionally, when a tracker approaches a target, the player will receive a yellow directional alert indicator from now on.


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