The players of VALUING asked via reddit that Riot Games carry out a rework on the Deadlock. Many of the users say that the sentry is among the “worst agents in the game”.

With 23 Operators now available in VALORANT, the game has evolved since its launch. Fortunately, the developers have consistently maintained the game’s balance, making adjustments to maps, weapons, and Operators as needed.

The community has always expressed its opinions and asked Riot to implement changes to improve the gaming experience.

Now, players are specifically asking for a rework of Deadlock, one of the game’s most recent Operators. Despite being introduced just a few Acts ago, players claim that she is the weakest among the current Agents.

Community asks for Deadlock rework

In a Reddit thread on November 11, a player started a discussion about whether Deadlock needs a rework to align with other Agents.

Deadlock needs a buff?
byu/Tibincoski inVALORANT

The player noted that while the Agent is intended to have a distinct playstyle within its class, the Sentry lags behind in comparison to the others.

“In a world where Cypher’s traps slow you down, stun you, track you, deal damage and reactivate after a short period. We have the Deadlock stun that stuns (sometimes).”

“I know she’s meant to have a different style of play, but that doesn’t feel right.”

The responses demonstrated that the Agent desperately needs a rework, going so far as to label Deadlock as the “worse by a large margin”.

I mean, yes, she is the worst agent in the game by a large margin.”said one. “She doesn’t need a buff; but yes, a rework“, wrote another. “She needs about 5 buffs”added a third.

(Photo: Disclosure/Riot Games)

Concerns about Deadlock in the competitive scene

According to some high-end and professional players, Deadlock is practically non-existent, further emphasizing the need for change. “Deadlock might even need a rework and not just some buffs. In high elo and professional play, it practically does not exist”noted one player.

Despite players’ wishes regarding changes to the agent, Riot Games has not issued any communication about possible improvements to the Norwegian character.

Image of Deadlock, new VALORANT agent
(Photo: Reproduction/Riot Games)


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