A Riot Games announced this Tuesday (19) the notes of the Update 7.06 of VALUING. With bug fixes and measures to restrict smurfs from being present in the game. Therefore, players in Ascending They will only be able to invite users from Platinum to guarantee the integrity of the competition.

Competitive Restrictions

The most significant change in this update is the restriction to players of Ascendance or higher. From now on, players from this link will only be able to invite players from Platinum. This measure will serve to combat the increase in irregularities in rankings, which involve both bots and real players.

Furthermore, Riot Games has committed to monitoring the use of hacks and taking stricter measures against suspicious accounts. This initiative, according to the developer, aims to maintain the integrity of the competition with balanced and fairer matches.

General Patch Notes

In addition to the competitive changes, update 7.06 also brings general improvements to the player experience. Riot Games has optimized how accessories like keychains and weapon skins load into the game.

Agent Updates

  • Sage has received updates to her lines and now has additional interactions with other agents.

Game Mechanics Systems Patch Notes

The update also brought improvements to game mechanics systems, with back-end updates to Combat Reports. The purpose of this fix is ​​to resolve issues with incorrect information, such as after a player dies, or before the start of a round.

Bug Fixes

Finally, update 7.06 fixed several bugs, correcting situations in which the agent was accidentally revealed in places where he should not be seen after purchasing a weapon.

Additionally, the UI bar when planting and disarming the Spike has reappeared for spectators with the minimum HUD, and vision cones no longer flash at the start of a round on the map Sunset.

Raquel Ferreira
published in September 20, 2023

Source: https://maisesports.com.br/valorant-notas-de-atualizacao-7-06-traz-restricao-no-competitivo

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