It seems, the new weapon, OUTLAWof VALUING Leaked by a leaker in October, it should arrive in Riot Games’ FPS in Episode 8. Furthermore, according to the valohabercisi page, the weapon will not have animated skins.

OUTLAW will be a sniper rifle and its arrival is scheduled for Episode 8, as reported by the leaker. Therefore, the launch should happen soon.

Furthermore, the new weapon must cost 2,400 credits, available during the game’s rounds.

A unique feature of the OUTLAW is its ability to fire two bullets at a time, which resembles the functionality of the Shorty. She will also be able to pierce through enemies’ light shields, which she can kill with just one shot that deals 140 damage.

New weapon without animated skins initially

While aesthetics are an essential part of VALORANT, OUTLAW, at least initially, will not come with animated skins. This could suggest that the developers are focusing on gameplay and balance before adding more elaborate visual elements to the new weapon.

Even with the leak, Riot Games has not officially commented on whether the information is true.

(Photo: Reproduction/ValorantUpdated)
Raquel Ferreira
published in December 19, 2023


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