O VALUING Mobile It should be launched soon and this Wednesday (27th) a page published the agents’ MVP animations, to make the community curious.

In a video just over a minute long, the movements of Reyna, Raze, Brimstone, Phoenix, Chamber and others appeared. These animations highlight individual players’ performance after the match.

Other version leaks

This is not the first time that details of the mobile version of VALORANT have been leaked to the community. Two weeks ago, a leak showed the training booth skins and interface.

Despite these leaks, Riot Games has not yet released an official release date for the game. However, throughout this year, several rumors have been circulating, with the possibility of the game being available in 2023.

VALORANT Mobile gameplay video

Furthermore, recently, the Chinese VALORANT profile published a video almost six minutes long, where viewers had the opportunity to get a more detailed look at the gameplay and game mechanics. At this time, the characters Jett and Sova lead the tutorial.

published in September 28, 2023

Source: https://maisesports.com.br/valorant-mobile-animacoes-de-mvp-sao-vazados

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