The start of sales for the Minas Awards Cup started this Monday (6). Tickets cost R$40 and can be purchased on the Sympla platform. The event will take place at the organization’s headquarters The planin the capital of São Paulo.

Taça das Minas Awards event

The event promises to be a milestone in the VALORANT scene, as it represents the first awards ceremony dedicated to the inclusive scene. In addition to the prize giving, the event will include a showmatch with invited players, as well as a party for fans who choose to attend the venue.

The highlight of the event are the 13 categories that will be awarded, covering different areas of VALORANT and the community. All players who participated or will participate in one of the five Taça das Minas tournaments in 2023 will be eligible to receive prizes.

Some of these categories will be determined by popular vote, while others will have their winners chosen by a panel of judges selected by the event producer. The winners will be announced on December 17th, the date of the event.

Check out all the categories of the Taça das Minas Awards:

  • Best Duelist
  • Best Launcher
  • Best Controller
  • Best Sentinel
  • Best Flex
  • Best Coach
  • Best Narrator
  • Best Commentator
  • Best Host
  • Craque da Galera
  • Best Play
  • Best Watch Party
  • CUP Personality

Award date

The event already has a date set and will take place on December 17th, at 8pm, Brasília time. Furthermore, other information about the award will be announced soon.

(Photo: Disclosure/Taça das Minas)
Raquel Ferreira
published in November 6, 2023edited 3 days ago


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