The last day of Closed Qualifier do VALORANT Challengers Brasil (VCB) 2024 took place this Sunday (28) and the Maestro’s Orchestra won the position. Furthermore, not last Saturday (27th) to Advance Troop also secured his place.

The game

The game started on Havenchoice of SAGAZ EsportsHowever, it was Orquestra do Maestro that opened 7-0. The first half ended with ODM leading 9-3.

When changing sides, SAGAZ managed to recover and tied the game 9-9, taking it to overtime, but it wasn’t enough and Orquestra do Maestro closed 14-12.

The second map was on Lotuschosen by the Maestro Orchestra, which continued its dominance and closed 8-4. When changing sides, SAGAZ did not enter the game and Vinny’s squad closed 13-8.

Already Split, SAGAZ opened 4-0 and took the lead. However, the Maestro’s Orchestra looked for a game and closed the first half 7-5. When changing sides, SAGAZ settled in and managed to win 13-8.

The penultimate map was Ascentto close the Closed Qualifier and Orquestra do Maestro did not open up space for their opponents and the first half ended 10 to 2. Finally, Orquestra do Maestro closed the game 13 to 4.

(Photo: Disclosure/Riot Games)

Challengers Brazil 2024 format

Stage 1 should start on February 14th, in addition, as confirmed by Mais Esports, the games in the first stage of the competition will take place online.

With the victory, Tropa do Avanço and Orquestra do Maestro join the other organizations that were invited by Riot Games.

Raquel Ferreira
published in January 28, 2024


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