After the exit of quotation marks and LOUDthe organization is looking for new names to join the cast in 2024, such as xand, qck e Rafa. Furthermore, the leaker Noyn informed that Saadhak You can participate in the team, but not as a player but as part of the coaching staff.

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In his community on social networks, the leaker gave information about LOUD and also about the tryouts that the team carries out.

“There is the possibility of Saadhak being a leader outside the server next year, but for that to happen they must be sure that the team that is assembled is very competitive and strong to compete for titles. This is the biggest reason why LOUD is looking for experienced and flexible players to make up the line-up, they are testing different possibilities.”

There is a possibility that Saadhak will be an off-server leader next year.

Player testing for LOUD during OFF//SEASON championships

In a live broadcast, Saadhak also stated that the squad will participate in a championship in Novembernot period of OFF//SEASON. However, IGL will not be part of the tournament, which will feature the LOUD trio plus two players who will participate as tests.

Image of Raafa from The Union in qualifying for VCT Ascension
(Photo: Bruno Alvares/Riot Games)

xand, raafa and other tests on LOUD

Noyn also informed that LOUD is studying some names such as: GuhRVN, heat, xand, qck e raafa as possible interests of the organization. Furthermore, one of the most certain names to be part of the technical committee is Littlewhat it was two-time champion of Challengers Brasil next to The Union.

This way, if the signing takes place and Saadhak is on the technical committee, the training will be attended by Peu, Saadhak and Stk.

LOUD not VALORANT in 2023

LOUD is one of the teams participating in VCT Americas. The squad participated in all international championships in 2023 and was on the podium in two of them, as runner-up in the VCT LOCK//IN It is like third best team in the world in Champions 2023. In addition, the team won the VCT Americas.

Raquel Ferreira
published in September 28, 2023


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