Some call it Elos do VALORANTothers call it Rank do VALORANT and some even call it Patents. Well, no matter the nomenclature, Riot’s FPS ranked placements are the fuel that drives many players, and in this text you will discover everything about this system.

Understand what are the links in VALORANThow they work, how to rank up in the game and more!

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What are links in VALORANT?

O elo in VALORANT is a way to classify players according to their skills and performance. The ranking system is based on a points system, and each player gains or loses points depending on the results of the matches.

It’s simple, every time a player wins a match in VALORANT, they earn points. Every time a player loses a match, he loses points. The amount of points depends on several factors, including the player’s performance and his team’s performance in the match.

But after all, does VALORANT have a link, rank or patent?

In VALORANT, all three nomenclatures can be used. However, people tend to call it a link influenced by LoL and a patent that is used in Counter-Strike, but in fact, Riot uses the name rank/rank for VALORANT.

What are the links in VALORANT?

O VALORANT’s greatest link is Radiant and the smallest link is Iron. Altogether, the VALORANT has a total of nine ranks, being them, from smallest to largest. See tall VALORANT links:

  • Ferro: Iron I, Iron II and Iron III
  • Bronze: Bronze I, Bronze II e Bronze III
  • Talk: Prata I, Prata II and Prata III
  • Gold: Gold I, Gold II and Gold III
  • Platinum: Platina I, Platina II and Platina III
  • Diamante: Diamante I, Diamante II and Diamante III
  • Ascending: Ascendant I, Ascendant II and Ascendant III
  • Immortal: Immortal I, Immortal II and Immortal III
  • Radiant

What is the order of VALORANT ranks?

The order of VALORANT ranks is: Iron > Bronze > Silver > Gold > Platinum > Diamond > Ascendant > Immortal > Radiant.

(Image: Disclosure/Riot)

How does VALORANT’s rank system work?

To be able to participate in a VALORANT ranked match, you must first play at least 20 mode games without classification. After completing the requirement, simply search for a competitive game in the menu. Are required five matches to discover your link in VALORANT.

What are ranked matches like in VALORANT?

Competitive matches follow the same pattern as unranked games, with the The team that reaches the 13th point emerges as the winner. O

VALORANT uses a Matchmaking Rating (MMR) system, where each player has a hidden score used to find other players of a similar level and thus create a balanced match.

After achieving your link in VALORANT, you will be able to play more competitive matches to improve your ranking.

How do I earn rank points in VALORANT?

When winning a match, a player receives a certain number of VALORANT rank points depending on their performance, however, in case of defeat, the player will also lose points, which balances the system.

To move up a division, you must accumulate a total of 100 points. For example, to go from Ferro I to Ferro II, 100 points are needed.

If the user loses enough matches to end up with a negative score, they will be dropped from the division. For example, if a player starts a competitive match with 0 points while on Iron II and loses, they will be demoted to Iron I.

Image of Valorant agents
Understand how Valorant ranked works (Image: Disclosure)

Which links can play together in VALORANT?

Os links that can play together in VALORANT can be a maximum of three divisions apart, with the exception of the Immortal and Radiant, who can only play as a duo or closed team. For example, if you are Gold 1, you can play together with a Platinum 1 player at most. The rule only applies to Ranked Matches mode.

See below the table of links that can play together:

Image to show which links can play together in VALORANT
(Image: Disclosure/Riot Games)

How do I find out my link in VALORANT?

Your VALORANT link is visible in the group, in the tab “menu”. Players can track their rank progress at any time through the game menu. The links are renewed every VALORANT Act, which lasts two months.

Tips on how to increase your rating in VALORANT

To move up to the higher links, simply win matches and accumulate points. It’s worth remembering that depending on your performance, you may end up earning more or less points than your teammates.

In case of a game where a player achieves an above average performance, he will receive a large amount of points. Your performance in defeats also influences the amount of points that will be removed from your account.

Here are some tips for leveling up.

  • Focus on your aim and movement. These are the two most important fundamentals of VALORANT. If you don’t have good aim and movement, it will be difficult to win matches.
  • Learn to play with different agents. Each agent has its own strengths and weaknesses. Being able to play with multiple agents will make you more versatile and able to adapt to different situations.
  • Communicate with your team. Communication is essential to success in VALORANT. Inform your teammates about your plans and stay informed about what they are up to.

Now that you know how Riot Games’ FPS ranked works, Also find out who the VALORANT agents are.

elos do VALORANT
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