Chrism announced through its social networks this Monday (18) the release to listen to new proposals for the VALUING Game Changers Brasil 2024. The player is in LOUD since the announcement of its first line-up of the inclusive scene.

This is the second LOUD player to announce the release to listen to new proposals for 2024. Furthermore, last week, lissa also announced that she is looking for a new organizationhowever, the player will move to Los Angeles.

After failing to win the grand final of Game Changers Brasil 2023 and non-participation in the Game Changers Championship 2023a LOUD must restructure its inclusive line-up of VALUING for 2024.

According to information from The Enemy portal, the organization has two names in mind to be part of the cast for the next season, antGex-Legacy e conir, and KRÜ.

Krysme’s career in VALORANT

Finally, Krysme has been in the VALORANT competitive scene since 2022, when she joined the B4 and left the organization in January 2023. Additionally, she joined LOUD in March 2023 after the organization hires the line of “Jelly and Friends”.

(Photo: Disclosure/Riot Games)
Raquel Ferreira
published in December 18, 2023


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