Koreanstreamer da LOUDrevealed this Saturday (16) that he completed the entire arsenal of skins for VALUING The player even published on social media how much he spent to have all the skins in the game.

How much did Koreans spend to get all the VALORANT skins?

In total, Korean spent more than R$ 20 mil to have all the weapons that are available in VALORANT. It is worth mentioning that Riot’s FPS has 746 skins of different weapons. Furthermore, during a live broadcast, the content creator revealed that he purchased some skins at the Night Market and some packs together or separately.

How much would it cost to have all the VALORANT skins?

If you decided to buy all 425 skins available in the game store, this would cost 816.150 VP or R$ 36.648,74. If we added the cost of each battle pass collection, we would have more 273 skins at a cost of R$ 942,75.

Finally, if you purchased the 9 skins of the inherited collection, the total cost would increase by R$ 1.643,64. Therefore, the total value of owning all skins in VALORANT would be approximately staggering: R$ 39.235,13.

Korean is LOUD’s new content creator (Photo: Disclosure/LOUD)
Raquel Ferreira
published in December 18, 2023

Source: https://maisesports.com.br/valorant-coreano-revela-quanto-gastou-para-ter-todas-as-skins

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