Some players VALUING began to be reluctant to buy the Spectre in the last matches and opting for Marshall, Stinger or even Sheriff. On reddit, a user opened a debate about the game’s weapon.

Specter Task Force 809. Image: Reproduction/Riot Games

One of the main concerns that the user raised was the efficiency of the weapon as it had a low performance at medium and long distances. In the comments, most players noted that it often takes more than two shots to secure a kill.

In my observation, the Spectre’s bullet spread seems too high, and its mid- and long-range damage nerf makes it a less attractive option. Considering its performance, the investment in this weapon seems disproportionate to its effectiveness.

Furthermore, another player agreed with the opinion and said that the Stinger is a good option as it is a more economical weapon.

Stinger is much more economical, and if you are high elo, Sheriff or even Ghost can be attractive in some rounds. If you have a little more money, Bulldog or Outlaw will probably have more impact and make it to the next round better.

Finally, a user stated that when he is in economic rounds, he automatically buys Sheriff.

At this point, if I have to echo, I simply buy the Sheriff. Time to kill and range become a better choice if you can land headshots consistently enough.

(Photo: Disclosure/Riot Games)
Raquel Ferreira
published in February 19, 2024


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