A Karmine Corpa French organization, present in several esports modalities, held the KCX3, annual event for fans. After the VALORANT mixed team showmatch, ScreaMthe team’s IGL thanked the organization and spoke about the team’s performance in 2023.

ScreaM thanks Karmine Corp and talks about the year at VALORANT

After the showmatch, ScreaM thanked the organization and also CEO Kamet for the year he was with the organization. Furthermore, he also recalled Karmine Corp’s year without major victories in VALORANT.

Without him none of this would be possible, so I need to thank Kamet, thank you very much for this year and for the opportunity to be able to wear this shirt, to be able to play with this team.

I’m very sad because we know that this year was our last, together, unfortunately. Thank you very much to all the fans and I needed to personally apologize for this year and for the mistakes I made and as captain it is my responsibility.

Karmine Corp no VALORANT

Karmine Corp is one of the organizations that is part of the VALORANT Franchise League. In 2023, the cast did not perform at its best and as a result, the cast will be released. At the VCT LOCK//INthe team fell to LOUD.

No VCT EMEA the ScreaM team finished the championship in last place with seven defeats and two wins. Already in LCQ EMEAwas also below and finished in fourth place.

published in September 16, 2023

Source: https://maisesports.com.br/valorant-precisava-me-desculpar-pessoalmente-diz-scream-sobre-karmine-corp

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