Havoc is one of the new hires of FURY for the 2024 VALORANT roster. Furthermore, a curious point that few people know is that the athlete once dreamed of being a football player. In an interview with ge, he spoke about his career and where his path took him.

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Havoc dreamed of being a football player

The FURIA player stated during the interview that his childhood was always surrounded by football and he started training at the age of 6. Furthermore, for him this was not just an activity, but also a dream.

I really liked doing that and it was what I wanted for my entire life.

However, it was during the pandemic that he decided to put his passion aside, due to social isolation and started focusing on games. Havoc stated that computer gaming was just a pastime.

When I was about to try out in Fortaleza’s youth division and move to the pitch, when I wasn’t playing ball, I was on the computer, because my two brothers, Ian and Ícaro, always liked computers and I, as I’m the youngest , he was on their side, disturbing them to play. It was a computer for three people, we shared the time, but between the two of us, I didn’t have priority. I played when no one was playing. But I played as a hobby. Just for fun.

Havoc and trajectory in VALORANT

Havoc defended The Union in the year 2022, when the organization announced the first investment in VALORANT. The player went to the bank in April this year, due to personal problems.

Alongside the team, former Union player was champion of the first stage of the VCB and performed well. Furthermore, he was among the best players in Split 1. Despite this, at the time the organization explained that “The health and well-being of our team is of utmost importance.”

FURIA in the OFF//SEASON championship final

FURIA qualified for the MEG final after beating XIT last Saturday (21), 2-1. Furthermore, this is the squad’s first event after the new signings of Havoc, Liazzi and Koy, for 2024.

Havoc could be a new FURIA player
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Raquel Ferreira
published in November 1, 2023

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