During the 2024 IEM Katowice Play-In, the international Counter-Strike championship, something unexpected happened at the analysis table. The former player of VALUING, Steel was at the analysis table and narrated the situation as if the game took place in Riot’s FPS.

Steel offered a quirky analysis by mixing elements of VALORANT with the actions of CS2. While analysts struggled not to laugh, Steel described the moves in the game as if he were commentating a VALORANT match, with references to Omen and Viper’s abilities.

For those new to Counter-Strike, what we’re about to see here is called a really heavy defense setup.

His hilarious analysis continued when he described a pivotal moment as if he were describing a confrontation between VALORANT agents, prompting laughter and bewilderment among his fellow analysts and the audience.

When you see the execution happening, and you see all these molotoves falling, and you see this big execution happening, what you want to do… is put an Omen smoke in the middle of the place, make the Viper wall go up.

What we’ll see here is the entrance, it’s actually Jett right here, dashing and getting into the bomb.

Despite the joke, Steel did not fail to recognize the effectiveness of the teams’ strategies in the game.

The analyst, DarfMikejoked about the situation, assuring the public that they are “working to deprogram him” of your experience in the world of VALORANT.

published in February 4, 2024

Source: https://maisesports.com.br/valorant-ex-jogador-narra-partida-de-cs2-como-se-estivesse-no-valorant

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