In a surprising turn of events, the DRX officially transferred this Tuesday (12), Rb e Zest to the reserve bank VALUING With this, players are open to new proposals. This significant development marks the end of an era for the duo who have been together since 2020, in Vision Strikers.

Representing the closing of the memorable chapter of Vision Strikersnow just stax, BuZz e MaKo remain as the last members of the historical formation.

Rb and Zest participated in the founding of Vision Strikers in 2020, before being acquired by DRX. They are among the 30 most successful players in the game to date. Furthermore, contributing to the sequence of 103 consecutive victories for Vision Strikers in the first year of VALORANT.

DRX and the duo in VALORANT

With the duo, DRX won numerous regional titles in Korea and qualified for all international events, starting from VALORANT Masters Berlinwith a total of eight participations.

Despite being dangerous Tier 1 opponents, they have struggled to lift trophies. Finally, they secured second place in the VCT Pacifico in 2023 and second place in VALORANT Champions Istanbul 2022 as your best placements.

(Photo: Disclosure/Riot Games)
Raquel Ferreira
published in December 12, 2023


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