The Blind Guys were disqualified from the championship Corsair Championship 2024 this Thursday (8). During the match that led to the championship final, during the fourth round against Saideira Esportso VALUING opened the “Cheater Detected” screen.

Check out the moment in the VALORANT championship

Development of Corsair’s situation and position

Despite the image that informs “Cheater Detected. A Third was punished and his match was cancelled. No wins or losses were credited to any of the players,” Some third-party software may also indicate cheating to Riot Games.

Furthermore, with the match paused for a few minutes, the event organizers went public and stated that the team would be disqualified.

As Corsair is following Riot Games regulations, the production team sought to find out and although a bug may have occurred or a player on the Os Caras Cego team may have used illicit products during the match, we do not know. It follows the regulations, that is, if Cheater Detected appears, the team ends up being disqualified due to the Vanguard message.

Taka, player who was banned, speaks out

After the event, Takethe player who received the message, spoke out on social media about the situation and reported that he received the ban and 5 minutes later he was able to log back into the account.

Positioning of Saideira Esports

Cheater bans in VALORANT

According to the VALORANT bans page, in relation to the use of cheats, Riot Games opts for the following conduct:

Playing with cheaters (“bussing”) can result in a ban. The intrepid team behind VALORANT is working hard to develop systems (like Riot Vanguard) that will stop everything from bots to third-party programs, so fight with honor and win with skill and nothing but skill (maybe a little luck).


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