A LOUD continue no VALORANT Champions 2023 and meets again this Thursday (24) the FNATIC for staying in the competition. In addition, European players claimed to want revenge against the Brazilian team.

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FNATIC players comment on the next game against LOUD

A FNATIC eliminou a DRX this Sunday (20) in a surprising comeback by 2 to 1. With the victory, the team plays for the third time against LOUD. It is worth remembering that the teams have already faced each other in the world cup and the Brazilians came out with the victory. Now, Alfajerclaimed to want revenge against the team.

We expected LOUD to play against us again. I want revenge on them and we’re looking forward to it now, but we’ll see on the 24th.

In addition, at the press conference, Boaster stated that FNATIC will use the next four days to prepare for the match.

I’m feeling good and we want to play them again, it just feels right to make that way through the lower bracket and get revenge against a team that took us down to the lower bracket.

So we have work to do and preparations to make. I think the similar things between LOUD and DRX games is that we think ‘this is our game to win’, meaning we won’t make the same mistakes. The maps were close and I need to discover the calls in the middle of the rounds to win, that’s what I hope.

Champions 2023

With the victory, the LOUD is still alive in the competition and returns to the server this Thursday (24) in the third round of the lower bracket, against FNATIC. This time, the Brazilians will play at the Kia Forum arena, in Los Angeles, in the United States.

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Raquel Ferreira
published in August 21, 2023

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